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Wood Spray Finishing Systems

Complete Engineered Systems

  • For all coating materials, including catalyzed, ultraviolet (UV), solvent based and water borne
  • Consultation by experienced engineers
  • Recommendations based on customer production & budget requirements
  • Drawings and specifications provided
  • Complete installation, startup and training provided
  • Control panels to fit customer requirements (UL listing available)

Automatic Spray Equipment

  • Air assist, HVLP and conventional air spray automatic guns
  • Reciprocators and oscillators

Specialty Wood Finishing Systems

  • Moulding machines, portable or floor-mounted
  • Spindle machines
  • Flat-line systems with horizontal reciprocators
  • Cross transfer systems

Spray Booths & Accessories

  • Standard and custom sized for every purpose
  • Dry filter and water wash booths
  • Infrared (IR) spray and bake booths
  • Spray and convection cure booths (80/20’s and 2 speeds)
  • Lighting (explosion proof, Class I Division 2 or General purpose
  • Booth filters for every application
  • Booth coating and paper

Air Makeup Units

  • Conveyorized dry-off and curing ovens
  • Convection and Infrared (IR) of all sizes and UV care
  • Electric and gas batch ovens (laboratory and walk-in)
  • Elevated and floor mounted


  • Conveyorized dry-off and curing ovens
  • Electric and gas batch ovens (laboratory and walk-in)
  • Convection, Infrared (IR) and UV cure
  • Elevated and floor mounted
  • Burn-off ovens
  • Horizontal for flat-line systems


  • Power-and-free, power or hand pulled overhead
  • Overhead I beam or enclosed track
  • Tow line and inverted power-and-free
  • Chain-on-edge and flat line

Circulating Systems

  • Sized for optimum fluid velocity & shear requirements
  • For permanent or portable paint kitchens
  • High or low pressure supply pumps sized to system requirements
  • Regulation and heaters recommended as needed
  • Complete tubing system lay-out and installation

Solvent Handling Equipment

  • Solvent recovery stills ranging from 2 to 55 gallons solvent recovered in one 8 hour shift
  • Solvent stills water-cooled for maximum safety
  • Low pressure transfer pumps up to 60 GPM
  • Medium pressure pumps for optimum flushing capability
  • Safety containers for solvent storage