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Fluid Transfer & Metering Equipment

Midway designs and supplies metering, monitoring and dispense systems for paints, adhesives, lubricants and more. We provide pumps and dispense systems for all kinds of paint, fluid, sanitary and chemical applications.

We also provide monitoring systems to control or measure fluid flows, measure mix ratios or a combination of these functions. Lastly, we help tie it all together with controls, alarms and computer interfaces that make managing systems simple and easy.

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Fill and Dispense Operations

Graco ProDispense System

The Graco ProDispense electronic preset dispense system accurately and quickly dispenses preset amounts of oil, grease and water.

The system fills cavities with oil, grease or water in assembly line environments where accurate dispensing is essential. ProDispense can deliver up to three different fluids at multiple dispense points, and accurately measures flow with meters.graco-logo-primary

Ratio, Flow or Usage Monitoring


  • Electronic ratio monitoring and controls for upgrading existing mechanical proportioners
  • Closed loop fluid control for increased efficiencies, providing significant material savings with disc systems and other automated spray systems
  • Metering systems designed to monitor flow rate or usage requirements with automatic or manual start and automatic shut-off
  • Spray tip wear monitoring to control paint waste & reduce booth maintenance

Examples of Installations


  • High volume catalyst tank with transfer pump, low level sensor and alarm
  • Anti-freeze proportioning, mixing and dispense
  • Closed loop fluid control for a Ransburg disc
  • Engine cavity automatic fill-dispense
  • Oil dispense and recording
  • Ratio-monitoring for Graco Hydra-Cats (mechanical proportioners)
  • Solvent flush automated with air-chop process