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Wood Spray Finishing Equipment

Graco wood sprayIf you are a manufacturer of wood products, you know how challenging the right finish can be. Midway works closely with leading industry material suppliers to keep up on the latest developments in wood finishes and the tools needed to apply them.

For all types of stains, sealers or top coats, we provide spray guns, pumpshoses and spray equipment that will work for you.

Consult with Midway’s Engineering team for ideas and suggestions for your wood spray finishing systems. We carefully examine your production and budget requirements and offer cost-saving suggestions and ideas.

We provide the solution that works for you, from a basic spray booth to an automatic moulding finishing machine to a complete automatic spray finishing operation.

Key Wood Spray Finishing Products


Graco AirPro Spray Gun

Graco AirPro hand spray guns are made locally here in Minnesota and are currently used by manufacturers in wood finishing, truck and bus painting, aerospace, and general metal applications. Now available in air spray, HVLP, and compliant (meets European environmental regulations).

The key materials used in this gun are NGR stains, waterborne coatings, high solid polyurethanes, latex, and topcoats. View our full line of Graco spray guns.graco-logo-primary


Graco Air-Assisted Airless Spray Guns

Graco air-assisted airless hand spray guns are designed to maximize efficiency and quality, while reducing operator fatigue. These AA Series guns use the highest quality components for long lasting reliable performance. Most importantly the guns allow the sprayer to significantly vary the spray pattern without changing the tip.

View our full line of Graco spray guns. graco-logo-primary


Binks AA1600 Air-Asisted Airless Spray Gun

The Binks AA1600 improves fan pattern adjustment for hard-to-reach areas and reduces build-up of acid catalyzed coatings. These features are particularly beneficial in the wood finishing industries, such as cabinet shops and furniture manufacturers, where recessed and hard-to-reach spaces require special attention to attain an even and thorough finish.

View our full line of Binks spray gunsBinks-Logo3

Graco Triton Double Diaphragm Pumps

Graco’s double diaghragm pumps and packages are ideal for all your wood spray applications. We sell the popular Triton 1:1 150 Series, the Triton 3:1 350 Series and various pump packages.

View our full line of Graco pumps

Graco Merkur Piston Pumps

Graco’s Merkur pumps and packages are great for wood spray finishing.

Midway sells the complete line of Merkur products, including the popular Air-Assist and Airless pumps and packages, Bellows Piston Pumps and the ES Spray Packages.

View our full line of Graco pumps

Kremlin EOS 15-C25 and 30-C25 Pumps

The EOS 15-C25 and EOS 30-C25 are true game changers in the wood spray finishing market.

The innovative design and component quality bring reliability and performance and allow very simple maintenance, easy cleaning and safe color changes while using a minimum of solvents. The cost of ownership is reduced at a minimum.

EOS pumps are available in wall-mounted versions with air control panel. A large choice of accessories (cart, tripod, product filter, suction rods) are available to fit any customer need.

View our full line of Kremlin-Rexson pumps