Beyond the mesmerizing and nimble movements robots serve a much higher purpose in the industrial paint world. Creating a virtually flawless finish with exceptional consistency and output is helping companies surpass both their output goals and competition.

It’s proven that robots dramatically lower operating costs and material waste yet their reputation continues to be negative in many industries. Many people view robots as “job-stealers” and believe they’re reserved only for companies with deep pockets, but the facts don’t actually support either of these beliefs. In most cases the improved output a robot provides increases the amount of people needed not the other way around.  Robots are quickly gaining ground in small and mid-size general industrial applications due to their repeatability, reduced rework, accuracy and safety. In addition to being more efficient, robots are more affordable than ever and smaller companies are proving that the cost savings and increased output far exceed the initial cost.

While there’s no denying a robot will decrease the amount of workers on the paint line, the demand for workers before and after the paint line process will increase. Input and output levels will be so much higher the need for more technicians, warehousemen, shippers etc. will increase.  The smaller size will even increase the ability for people and robots to work “together.”

This sentiment is echoed by Mike Cicco, FANUC America’s General Manager of p250ib-paint-robot-automotive-bannerDistribution Sales, who foresees a future where robots and humans can one day work seamlessly together. “As robots get smaller and get closer to doing the things that people can do I see robots and people getting closer in proximity as well.”

At Midway Industrial Supply, Inc. we encourage the addition of robotics and automation to paint-line systems. The addition of these tools will create a safer, more efficient operation if designed and installed properly.  Because of this, Midway has an expert team of engineers that will provide complete system designs, installation, and training for any robotic and automation project.  If you already have taken the step towards automation or robotics, Midway supplies fluid handling equipment, individual components, and safety accessories to make your paint-line the most effective and safe it can be.

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no doubt that technology is continuing to develop everywhere. Paint systems will continue to integrate cutting edge developments that we can only possibly imagine at this point in time. To learn more about how you can transform your paint system, feel free to contact us. However you apply your paint, robotics and automation will never abandon their chase for the faultless finish.

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