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Filters, Hoses and Accessories

Midway has a fully-stocked parts department for all your product and equipment needs. We provide a variety of shipping options, including overnight delivery from our warehouse or from many of our manufacturers.

What we carry:


Air Filtration & ManagementPaint Pockets Filters

  • Filtration and overspray filters, gauges, regulators, lubricators.

Hoses & Fittings

  • Ball valves, gauges, hoses, hose reels, quick disconnects, and fittings.

Wipes and Surface Preparation

  • Tack cloths, sorbents, microfiber towels, anti-static wipes, paint prep wipes, inspection lighting.

Personal Protection EquipmentBullard Hood

  • Coveralls, respirators, painter hats, gloves, CO detectors.

MiscellaneousPL5-25 CDF Pail Liner

  • Paint strainers & filters, pail liners, environmentally safe solvents, foam abrasives.


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