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Fiberglass & Gelcoating Equipment

gelcoat and spray-up equipment

Midway has represented industry leading manufacturers in gelcoat and spray-up equipment since 1961. The company has sales engineer specialists with in-depth experience and up to the minute training on the equipment we sell. The industries we serve include:

  • Boating and watercraft
  • Shower and bath stall
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Automotive
  • Automotive accessories
  • Fiberglass tank manufacturing
  • Pickup truck toppers and tonneau covers
systemone chopper unit

We strive to help our customers maximize transfer efficiency and minimize emissions with the latest internal & external mix impingement, chopping, saturating, gelcoating and FRP technology. A number of complete systems are available with modular designs to fit numerous fiberglass applications. Shown left is a Chopper unit, which offers versatile resin, catalyst and chopped fiberglass applications. Different parts require different applications; no problem. This unit can fulfill all of your production needs single-handedly; just switch tips, adjust settings and stay online.

Call Midway today and see what our years of experience can do for you.

Contact us at 1-800-279-1401 or info@midwayis.com

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