We have a long history of success partnering with Rapid™ on engineered projects. Rapid™ manufactures finishing systems and components for a wide variety of markets including automobile, furniture, material handling, architectural and recreational products. Coatings used in these systems include various liquid or powder, as well as the following substrate materials: metal, plastic, wood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), leather and others. Rapid™ also designs and manufactures individual components, including pre-treatment washers, dry-off ovens, powder application rooms, make-up air units, cure ovens, conveyor systems and cooling tunnels. Their line of batch system products, including pre-treatment stations, washers and ovens.

This year we recently completed two large projects with Rapid™. One in our Midway territory with a custom metal fabrication company and one in our subsidiary, Contrast, territory with a conveyor product and solution company. Our typical partnership with Rapid™ on these projects includes them engineering and manufacturing their equipment, while we engineer the system process as a whole to ensure efficiency.

Midway Project

DSC00299DSC00298DSC00288The project completed in the Midway territory was with  a custom metal fabrication company based out of the Twin Cities area.  In late 2014, Midway and Rapid™ were called in to help revamp their current system which was mostly manual labor. They quickly realized that they had outgrown their building and needed to
move to a new location if they wanted to go forward with a new system. DSC00248DSC00280Once they had found an ideal location, the foot printing and building began.

An overhead conveyor system, 5-stage washer, dry-off oven, wet spray booth, powder booth, environmental room and cure oven were installed over a series of months to create a completely new system. By mid-April the manufacturing company moved into their new building and were back in production operating at top-efficiency.

Contrast Project

The project we just completed in our subsidiary, Contrast, territory was with a conveyor product and solution company based out of Iowa. In 2014, cleaning all parts by hand in preparation for coating was the norm for this company. They decided that the norm wasn’t good enough and it was time to install a single, 2-stage spray washer – one that would clean and rinse every part – to eliminate manual labor and create consistency. They contacted Contrast and Rapid™ to find the best suited washer and the most efficient setup.

65After purchasing the washer and starting the building process, they decided that their single addition wasn’t enough. Instead, they decided they wanted to add conveyors, change out booths and guns, and completely revamp their system. The original washer that was purchased sat in storage for almost two years in order to avoid interrupting production. Finally, after all upgrades and replacements were made, the washer was ready to be set into place. The all stainless steel washer was ready to create consistency with its cycle of washing, rinsing, and high velocity blow-off.

Our strong partnership with Rapid™ has always proven to be successful. They are a company that engineers and builds equipment that delivers our customers with maximized efficiency as well as reliability. As we go forward in the future, we plan to grow and expand our partnership throughout the Midwest region.



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