Midway’s Shootout Group (left to right) Adam Domaas, John Becker, Greg Dvorsak, and Curt Thostenson

Midway recently participated in the Sioux Boy Scout Shootout at Hunters Pointe Shooting Club in Humboldt, South Dakota. This event was brought to our attention by our good customer Showplace Wood Products. Showplace, and one of its original founders, Tony Bour, have been big supporters of this event since its inception. Though the guys’ shooting skills were a bit rusty, Greg Dvorsak, CEO; Curt Thostenson, National Sales Manager; Adam Domaas, Sales Engineer; and John Becker, Senior Sales Engineer went ahead and gave it their best shot – no pun intended

For 30 years the Sioux Council has been hosting this annual Shootout that allows people to gather to enjoy sport clay shooting, great food, and fellowship all while supporting the local council. We support this event because we believe in the purpose it serves which is preparing young people to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders.

Boy Scouts has been an incorporated organization of America since 1910 and the Sioux Council, specifically, has been incorporated since 1927. In 2015, the Sioux Council served 9,996 registered participants in Traditional Scouting programs in its 61 county service area. The scouting program has 10 purposes related to the overall mission of the Boy Scouts of America:

  1. Character Development
  2. Respectful Relationships
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. Personal Achievement
  5. Good Citizenship
  6. Friendly Service
  7. Sportsmanship and Fitness
  8. Fun and Adventure
  9. Family Understanding
  10. Preparation for Boy Scouts


Every Cub Scouting activity should help fulfill one of these purposes in some form. From our experience, we believe — with no doubt– that each one of the ten purposes can be accomplished and exceeded at the annual Boy Scout Shootout.

The comradery and spirit at the event makes it one that is unique like no other.

As the Shootout comes to a close, the group says goodbye to the friends they’ve reconnected with and the new ones they’ve made.  Everyone looks forward to the hopeful idea of practicing their shooting until the following Fall rings in and the tradition carries on.

To find out how you can become involved with the Boy Scouts of America visit their website.  If you are interested in being a part of the annual Sioux Boy Scout Shootout or involved, specifically, with the Sioux Boy Scout council send them an email.

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